Saturday, November 17, 2018
* A big thank you to PrAna for the clothing in this post!

When the weather gets cold, there's nothing I love more than getting into some nice, warm, cozy clothes. You know the ones I'm talking about. The fluffy zip-ups, the warm leggings - sign me up for alllll of that! Pass me a coffee, too, and I'm golden (and probably not moving from the couch).

But seriously. You guys have heard me talk about PrAna before and I'm so excited to partner up with them today to share with you this comfy, cozy and super warm look to our recent trip to the tree farm.

Yep. Tree farm. Anthony was determined to get a jump-start on our Christmas tree hunt (every year we cut down our own) and while it's so much fun and has become a tradition with the boys, it's can get pretty cold. On top of that, Mother Nature graced us with quite a few inches of snow on Thursday and it's stuck around since! 
I love jackets but truthfully, I'm running around with the boys whenever we go out, so if I can get away with wearing a zip-up, like this Permafrost Half Zip, you bet your booty I'm going with it! I layered it over a plain blue shirt because it ran a little short on me. I suggest sizing up for a cozier fit! It has this really sweet band around the bottom of it so it keeps the warmth in (and also helps with keeping it from riding up), a big hood and deep pockets! It's made from 100% recycled polyester, which, if you guys didn't know, is PrAna's thang. They only partner with companies that have strict guidelines for safety and use recyclable wools and materials for their clothing. You can read more about their sustainability here.
Now let's talk about these Akiak Leggings - one of my favorite things ever. Are they high waist? Heck yes. Are they thick? Yep. Do they pass the bend-over-and-see-my-undies-test? Yeah, you can't see a thing. They also come with a secret key pocket, a wider waistband, a fun texture and are a recycled polyester blend herringbone knit. These have quickly become one of my favorite pairs of leggings. They end right above the ankle which, for me, is a super flattering cut. They are also thick enough to wear in the cold with no worries but you won't be sweating in them either!
My fave pictures are the candid ones and most definitely not the ones where I'm fighting with my oldest to wear his hat because it's cold outside.

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*not an affiliate code, just something PrAna was sweet enough to give my readers!