Tuesday, October 22, 2019
A big thank you to Lake Compounce for hosting our trip to their amusement park!

A few weeks ago, we had a blast at The Haunted Graveyard at Lake Compounce in Bristol, CT. You guys know how much I love Lake Compounce - you can check out our past visits in the summertime here and here - but did you know Lake Compounce is open for the fall season as well?

Lake Compounce and The Haunted Graveyard is open, starting September 27th, every weekend until November 2nd! You can even buy your tickets online here! PS. I do not recommend bringing your little guys to this. While most rides are open, the Kiddie Land and Crocodile Cove are closed for the season.

As soon as you walk into the park, you're met by a massive haunted cathedral, with smoke billowing out of the towers and skeletons trying to escape to meet you. There's creepy decor throughout the entire park that sets the mood the entire night, before you even head into The Haunted Graveyard!

I wanted to note, even though we didn't get to see it, that there's a Thriller Show at 6:40PM and 9:40PM near the Pirate Pond every night. Definitely will catch it next time!

Ouch, Lake Compounce. Ouch.

Like I previously said, I don't recommend young children coming to the park for this (especially with Kiddle Land being closed) but if you are looking to bring older kids, the decor isn't gory and I found, is perfectly spooky for them. Keep in mind, they do have actors walking around throughout the entire park, looking to scare you! Compared to other haunts in Connecticut, I actually found The Haunted Graveyard to be pretty acceptable for older kids!


Moving on to spooky sips! Lake Compounce has a few new drinks out to celebrate the spooky season! Shout out to my friends who happily tried out these drinks for me and let me take pictures of them over and over again.

The Ghostbuster / The Dark Abyss - each specialty drink will run you about $10.
Jello shot syringes!

The Zombie Lounge (The Croc Pot during the warmer season) is such a cute stop if you're looking to sit down and relax with some drinks. They have a bar outside, that overlooks the Lazy River from Crocodile Cove, and live entertainment!


While they don't have any special foods for Halloween, they do have two new food trucks: Ultimate Waffle and Landon's Lakeside Kitchen.

A churro from the same stand we got our Halloween drinks from. Honest to God, the best churro I've ever had. It was warm and so, so yummy!

Chicken tenders and fries from The Potato Patch.

Fried Oreos (!!!!!!) and a Dunkin Donuts Hot Chocolate - The perfect combo to end the night!


I was a smidge bummed to find that Boulder Dash was closed for the day BUT was so excited to ride Phobia for the first time. Safe to say, the rides were WAY more fun at night!

  • Down Time (I've been calling this ride Time Out for the longest time 😬)
  • Phobia
  • Rev-O-Lution
  • Zoomerang
  • Ghost Hunters (of course!)


The Haunted Graveyard isn't just a walk through the cemetery. The attraction is home to 23 different scenes/houses to walk through. Yep, 23. Scenes include a zombie hospital, a temple, a jungle, a slaughter house, a cemetery, the catacombs - just to name a few. 

When purchasing your tickets online, you can choose a time slot of when you want to head to The Haunted Graveyard. We went around 9:30PM and literally walked right in, no wait. They had actors along the way, talking to you in line, which I thought was really cool. There was one in actor in particular, I think he was a dark angel but my friend swears he was a butler, either way, he was extremely dedicated to his character and was awesome to talk with. It definitely set the mood to go in!

The walk takes about 45 minutes to walk through the entire thing. I really loved each scene and house. They're well thought out and you really get the vibe of where ever you are. My favorite parts were the jungle - keep your eye out for snakes! - and the Catacombs!


Lake Compounce in Bristol, CT - Buy tickets