Wednesday, January 22, 2020
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I admit we're in the middle of January and I am just finishing up putting everything away. The whole house feels nakey without them, not to mention, I can get a bit anal about putting everything in the right bins. I'm so afraid I'll be looking for something next year and not be able to find it!

Here's a few tips and tricks I've learned along the way to making holiday storage and packing a breeze!

1. Wrap your garlands around a piece of cardboard. I wish I saw this tip a few years ago, because I've definitely spent some time, in the past, untangling all my garlands from haphazardly tossing them all in together. Use a long, rectangle-shaped piece (the size of the bin it's going in is perfect) and wrap them horizontally. You can wrap a bunch of different garlands on one piece of cardboard and then secure them with a small piece of painter's tape. I lovvvve painter's tape as I feel like it's the less harsher of tapes and always peel off with no issues.

2. Label your boxes. This might seem like a no-brainer, but hi, have we met? I was always like, "Hey! I'll definitely remember that that was in there....a year from now. No problem." until this year, I spent a good week racking my brain trying to find everything. Clear bins are awesome but labeling is the cherry on top. Now, I label all my bins with as much detail as possible:

  • Christmas Tree Decor - Tree skirts, ornaments, star. I also toss our stockings in this bin as well.
  • Outdoor Decor - Garlands, my one outdoor wreath, lanterns, etc. Anything that goes on our front porch goes in here.
  • Lights - This is alllllllll the house lights my fiance decorates with. It gets its own bin. I find having all of lights that go solely on the house to be way easier to find. We also try to keep the original rolls and boxes everything came in so that we don't have to de-tangle anything.
  • Indoor Decor - I normally have two bins with this title because I go a little crazy decorating inside. These bins hold almost everything else. Nutcrackers, indoor garlands, ceramic houses, etc.
  • Trees - Yep, I have a bin just for my trees. I have my own little forest. I don't put the lid on but at least I'll know where all of them are.
3. Use a wreath bag/tree bag/etc.  Bins are great but like, have you ever used a wreath bag? Seriously though. A lot of my wreaths are a bit older and fuller so I like to put them in a wreath bag to preserve them. I also like using a tree bag to put our (new!) fake tree in so the branches don't get smashed and our wrapping paper in a wrapping paper storage bag so the rolls don't get squished and there's little compartments for bows, tape, etc.

How do you store your decorations?