Tuesday, March 10, 2020
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Two Target posts in a row? Who am I? Kidding. This is SO me BUT in today's post, I'm sharing my fave home items. I just saw Hearth & Hand as well as Opalhouse released their spring lines. I think some are on sale!

PS. I hesitated, for a second, to post this picture because God forbid things aren't perfect in the blogging world, y'know? I'm tired of pretending to live that life. We need to re-paint some of our cabinets. There's blue tape on the counter (we start grouting soon!) and there's definitely crap in our cabinets. But you know what? C'est la vie! This our home right now.

  • Stoneware Bunny Pitcher ($15) - You guys know my love of weird ass animal pitchers. This will be mine!
  • Hello Sign ($9.99) - I'm not sure if this is okay for outside use, but this would look so precious next to a front door!
  • Black Table Lamp ($54.99) - I'm hoping these babies will go on sale towards the end of the season because they would be perfect on our night tables.
  • I Love You Planter ($9.99) - This is SO cute and would be perfect to pop a plant in and give as a Mother's Day gift.
  • Blush Eyelash Throw Blanket ($25.49 + 20% off with Target Circle) - Such a pretty color!
  • Home Sweet Home Welcome Mat ($9.74) - I've seen this mat on every blogger's front porch and now it's on sale!
  • Lory Poof ($49.99 + 15% off with Target Circle) - I'm looking to swap out my swinging ottoman thing that came with our old rocker and use this instead.