Wednesday, July 28, 2021
Hi guys! Geez, that title is quite a mouthful but it's been the best way to describe what I was going for for Sienna's first birthday. It's probably the only year I'll get to decide so I ran with it. We celebrated her actual birthday in North Carolina last month but when we came back home, we decided to throw a super last minute party for her with our families. Cue me panicking because I had about a week to order supplies, a cake and get it all together.

This year I realized that as much as I love a good #PinterestParty, no one really needs one, y'know? Three things really took this party to the next level - and they were all under $50!


We have a love/hate relationship with balloon garlands. We love how they look! They totally transform the room they're in and really set the party mood. We loathe them because they can be super, duper time consuming - until now. Seriously. Here's a few tips on how to get a balloon garland done in no time:
  1. You can actually start your balloon garland a few days before you actually need it! I wish I knew that before I panicked and staying up until 3AM the night before to get it done. Heck, you can do a little bit every night after the kids go down. Just remember (with all balloons), to keep stored in a cool place as extreme heat (and coldness) can mess with the balloons and they'll shrink/explode.
  2. Don't try be a hero (I whisper to myself) and just get the extras: the glue dots + balloon rope. They make everything SO much easier. The rope is used to the connect the balloons and give that sweeping "garland" look while the glue dots can be used to place the smaller balloons in between the bigger ones. I'll never make a balloon garland again without them.
  3. Add something special to the balloons! We added small metallic butterflies to them but I've seen people use flowers and leaves popped in between as well. Super inexpensive and adds a fun little touch to them.


I love flowers! I knew I wanted a pretty "wild" arrangement for the party but it was so last minute to order them and they're super expensive (and rightfully so). To Trader Joes we went and bought about $35 worth of flowers! I followed some tutorials on how to get create an arrangement and kind of just winged it. I think they came out pretty cute! I used: white hydrangea, hypericum berries (I think that's what they're called), chamomile, pink peonies and mums (I think that's what they are?).


What's a birthday party without cake? Actually, scratch that. What's a party without dessert?! We ordered a super last minute cake from Reine's Cakery and asked them to make a "boho butterfly cake" with absolutely no direction what so ever and this is what they came up with! It was absolutely stunning. Everything was edible, including the flower and the butterflies - and that donut was incredible! If you don't have time for a cake, I suggest cupcakes or even little desserts like pudding cups, donuts or cookies. 

I cannot believe Sienna is actually one (well, one and a month now!). She is just the sweetest, sassiest, smartest little babe and we absolutely adore her. Cheers, to one year! 

Okay. And this birthday romper ($20)? TOO CUTE.