Friday, September 3, 2021

I've learned over the past year that the beautiful thing about homeschooling, is that it can take place anywhere. I've also learned that the chaotic thing about homeschooling is that it can take place anywhere.

This year, I've created a "home base", if you will, with a homeschooling cart where we can find everything we'll need for the school year - all in one place. I utilized an old IKEA Raskog cart ($30 - comes in white, black and a grayish green) that I had way back when Hunter was a baby! Definitely coming in clutch again!


On the tippy top of the cart, I have a folder organizer ($12 for a four pack) from Target's Bullseye's Playground. They're awesome and stackable! This is where the boy's binders with their school work will be stored. This organizer, alone, is going to help us tons because I don't know how many times the boys took off with their school work last year and we couldn't find it the next day. πŸ˜‚ I'm hoping we can implement a "put it back here when you're done" type of thing. Keyword: hoping. 

Also, on the top, is their writing tool of choice: markers! We love the Crayola 50ct Super Tips Washable Markers ($7) and have had them for at least a year now. I stuck the cutest little "First Day of Homeschool" pennant from Wink & Ink ($2). It's a printable that you just cut out, glue onto a wooden dowel and wrap so pretty yarn around. SO cute!

Lastly, we have Squishy Human Body Anatomy Kit ($16.69)! The boys are obsessed with this guy! We haven't used him yet but it's supposed to have removeable body parts and you can see how the body works. The boys are always asking about how the body works so I thought this would be pretty cool to show them!


The middle shelf is filled with art supplies! I still need to add more but for now we have glue bottles (we go through glue like crazy!), Mondo Llama markers ($3.50) as well as a bunch of Mondo Llama crayons (.25). I like to stock up on those because the kids use them constantly! The bin is from Cotton On. It's the Midi Foldable Storage Crate ($11.99)! We have a bunch of these. They're pretty sturdy and you can fold them down flat when they're not in use. 


The bottom shelf holds some colored paper and our paint supplies! We have these Crayola Watercolor Paints ($1.99) as well as a basket full of acrylic paints. Apparently, they don't make the ones we have anymore but Target has some cheap Mondo Llama ones!