Thursday, October 20, 2022

Oof. Our front porch has definitely seen some better days - as in, it barely exists right now 😆 after we pulled the entire thing off earlier this summer - but I couldn't leave it out of the Halloween decorating festivities! 


Here's hoping we have an actual front porch next year but for now, let's talk details on this year's!
  • smiling pumpkins + stars doormat ($6) - YES, you read that right. Currently, on sale for $6! I'm so in love with this doormat.
  • felt pumpkins - Unfortunately, these pumpkins are so dang old, guys. I'm sorry! They're from Target going back at least three years and every year, I hope they bring them back because they were so good!
  • orange sherpa pumpkin - Target Dollar Spot find.
  • black and white star pumpkin - HomeGoods find and I actually just saw it in the stores last night.
  • black and white plaid doormat - I just saw this again in store last week but can't find it online right now.
  • french bulldog skeleton ($15) - I cute is this little guy?