Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Hey sweet friends! Today I'm sharing our 2022 Boo Baskets! It's safe to say, we love to celebrate our holidays and Boo Baskets are no exception. Boo Baskets are typically a basket/bag/whatever you would give to your littles, filled with holiday-themed goodies and treats to enjoy. I think a lot of people give them to their kids the first of October, but hey, we like to do things funky around here. We just give them to them whenever we want!

Full disclosure: this can get cray expensive but it doesn't have to be and we don't normally going nuts over these. Here's what we do:

  • the "bag/basket" is their trick or treat basket or a reusable storage basket/container we can use for something else, year long.
  • their pajamas are always bought on sale and normally in a size up from what they currently are in so they can enjoy the next year as well.
  • our treats and goodies (like crafts) I keep under $5. The Dollar Tree as well as the Dollar Spot at Target is amazing for finding cheap themed goodies.
  • our biggest splurge is probably themed books but again, we read them all year 'round so it's not a big deal to me. If you're not in the market for buying new ones, I suggest popping in their old books. It's still fun!

(pssst - you can also check out our Boo Baskets from 2020 and 2021 for inspiration as well)

Question: Do you do these? I saw Boo Baskets popping up a few years ago and absolutely loved the idea behind it. A Boo Basket is a bag/basket/collection of Halloween-themed goodies you can give to your children to celebrate Halloween. Our baskets normally have a book, a pair of pajamas and a few Target Dollar Spot or Dollar Tree treats!


  • jelly bags ($18) - I have been so in love with these little jelly bags. They're perfect for so many different occasions. I think ours are the smalls (maybe mediums?) but I linked the large ones because I recommend getting that size if you want to fill it with a few things.
  • skull pajamas ($11) - Grabbed these on sale and they've been on repeat ever since.
  • ghost & cat snack cup ($3) - How cute are these little snack cups? 
  • peep ghosts ($1) - No Peep slander allowed. We love them. 😁
  • ghost dots ($1.29) - Okay, loved the look of them; absolutely hated the taste of them. My kids, however, thought these were the bomb.com.
  • mondo llama día de muertos ($5) - When I tell you, the boys went completely gaga over these. We've done these in different themes before, but man, this one was so much fun!
  • mondo llama halloween ($5) - I snagged this one for Hunter. I definitely recommend it for four and up although Sienna was loving them as well, just wasn't putting the colors in the right spots. 😆
  • skeleton socks ($1) - A classic.
  • cuddle and kind kitten ($33) - Oh, man. The little kitten gets SO much love around here. Sienna is obsessed with these stuffies from Cuddle & Kind. I HIGHLY recommend these to anyone looking for an heirloom piece. We have a flamingo that also gets so much love!                             
  • halloween book - I'll take any excuse to add a new book to our collection! Our Halloween books are normally faves year 'round. Check out my ultimate list of Halloween books for our faves.