Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Of all the books we have in our bookcase, I think our Halloween collection is, hands down, the biggest! It doesn't help that my kids are absolutely obsessed with spooky, scary books about ghosts and monsters so they're read all year round.  We are constantly adding new books to it every year so I thought I'd share a few new ones that caught my eye!

Decorating the kid's bookshelves for the holiday's is always one of my favorite things to do. They get so excited over the look of it and, dare I say, more motivated to grab a book off the shelf! This year's shelves are a bit demure compared to other years, but I love it. It goes to show you don't need a bunch of expensive decorations to decorate for the holidays!

Surprisingly, we didn't add any new books to our collection this year but I did scope some new titles out in case we did!



  • knit skeleton ($20) - Okay, I tried to resist this dang skeleton. "He's knit." "He's not even cute." "He's $20!!!!" but alas, I finally saw him in store and the dang thing had to come home with us.
  • bat garland - I could've sworn I saw this garland in stores again but I can't seem to find it online anymore. I've linked a very similar one!
  • shelves ($17.99) - They're actually picture ledges from IKEA.  These are the longer shelves, at 45 1/4 inches long but they do have a smaller size available as well. 
  • hocus pocus pillow - A HomeGoods find!
  • black netting - Not sure what the heck to call this material but I've had this for years from the Dollar Tree!
  • skull - This one is from Walmart but I don't see it online anymore. Pretty sure it's still in stores though. I love that the jaw actually moves!
  • books - Check out my ultimate list of Halloween kids booksa few more Halloween books to add to your collection and the ones listed above!