Friday, January 20, 2023

Hey sweet friends. Today I'm sharing a super fun (and always easy) sweet and salty treat board for Valentine's Day. Always a crowd favorite and always easy to make. 9/10 I'm throwing things that have been sitting in our pantry onto this board and it goes from forgotten snacks to something my kids will go nuts over. 


Seasonal treats are a really great way to turn your every day snack board into a ~*~holiday~*~ treat board! 😆 Aldi's, Target and Trader Joes are my go-to spots for seasonal items. Only problem with that is, because they're seasonal, sometimes they sell out quickly! I like to stock up on my favorites when they're seasonal in case I can't find them again!

The board is one of my favorite finds this year from the Target Dollar Spot. It was $5, has the sweetest little heart in the handle and even came with little plastic bows to stick into something. Such a cute find - but unfortunately, not linkable. The dish towel is a find from last year's Dollar Spot, but honestly, there's a bunch more cuter options out there. The little white heart-shaped ramkin is a find from this year's Dollar Spot (sponsor me, plz! 😅) and comes in a pack of 3 for $5!

Lastly, most of the treats are from Target (hellllllllo, drive up!): Sea Salt Poppables, Veggie Stick HeartsWelch's Juicefuls Heart Throbs (red dye-free) and Favorite Day Shortbread Cookies. Trader Joe's has the Schoolhouse Alphabet Cookies (these are my faveeeee!) and the gummy X's and O's (dye-free).