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Monday, July 6, 2015

BITE Beauty Fall 2015 Frozen Berries/Opal Crème Collections | Layered

XO, Noelle Monday, July 6, 2015
Hi loves! So I received a lot of requests to see the BITE Beauty Fall '15 Opal Crème lipstick and gloss layered over the Frozen Berries Collection. In case there was any confusion, you can rock the Opal Crème lipstick and gloss by itself or over your favorite shade. Personally, I like them as a top coat but hey, you be the judge! To see the original reviews for both collections, click here!

When worn by themselves, they might not be for everyone but as toppers, both the Opal Creme lipstick and gloss are gorgeous and add insane dimension to any shade worn underneath! The only ones who didn't want to play nice with each other were Eldeberry with the Opal Creme lipgloss. Total mess! The photo above was take three and it still didn't play very nice. The gloss caused the lipstick to move and slide all over the place creating bald spots in some areas. I highly recommend applying Eldeberry, then blot with a a paper towel, apply Elderberry again and wait to let it set. THEN apply the lipgloss.

These are launching tomorrow at your local Sephora + Sephora.com! 
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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

BITE Beauty Fall 2015 Frozen Berries/Opal Crème Collections - Swatches + Review

XO, Noelle Wednesday, July 1, 2015
It may be the middle of summer - but really there's no way better to cool down than with a sneak peek of BITE Beauty Fall '15 Frozen Berries/Opal Crème Collections coming out in July! 

The Frozen Berries Collection is five limited edition matte creme lipsticks inspired by "the depth and luster of flash frozen wild berries". They're infused with Blueberry and Cranberry seed oils that are rich in phytonutrients and help nourish and moisturize your lips as well as organic fruit butters to promise a creamy, long-lasting, never drying matte color.
  • Juniper - a matte dark fuchsia.
  • Elderberry - a matte dusty cool-toned burgundy.
  • Barberry - a stunning matte cool-toned dusty mix of mauve and lilac.
  • Plum - a matte rich reddish plum.
  • Black Cherry - a matte deep brown-toned blood red.

(L-R: Barberry, Juniper, Plum, Black Cherry + Elderberry)
Swoon, swoon, swoon! These have me dreaming of crisp nights and warm sweaters. Can fall hurry up and get here? I kid. Kind of. The entire collection is basically everything I could ever want in a fall-based matte lipstick collection. The formula is out of this world. They're so creamy. Each one just glides over your lip, camouflaging all of your lip lines. The pigmentation from these babies is out. of. this. world. Seriously. They're so packed with pigment, it blows my mind. Lastly, they're long-lasting. Each one hitting the five hour mark (and possibly beyond!). Honestly, I only got to about five hours with each because I wanted to get this collection out to y'all fast but I can promise at the five hour mark, these babes were still going strong. I do have to point out that Elderberry did move a bit for me. It's that creamy that it kind of slips and slides over the lips a bit but I kind of feel that that happens more frequently with super dark shades like that anyway. Elderberry was the only one I had this issue with. It really didn't bother me much but I will note that it did happen.

The Opal Crème Collection is a lipgloss and lipstick with insane multidimensional facets to them. The lipstick can be worn on its own for a frosty, iridescent look or on top of another shade for an ultraviolet look. The lipgloss can also be worn on its own for a super slick but subtle iridescent oil spill effect or over another shade to add some dimension to it.

(Excuse the pink lips in the gloss photo. This was after swatching all the lipsticks!)
Doesn't that Opal lipstick scream Ice Queen to you? Love it! The Opal lipstick was fun to wear but boy did it ever settle in my lip cracks. Even ones I didn't know I had! It wasn't drying and had somewhat of the same formula as the Frozen Berries but it didn't end up applying the same. Bummer! The gloss is gorgeous but was slightly thick and sticky. Hopefully my stained pink lips give you a sense of what it looks like over pigmented lips/a different shade. I would say the transformation was subtle but very wearable.

Overall: YES YES YES. The Frozen Berries Collection is EVERYTHANG for fall and I can see myself pulling these babies out over and over again (and heck, even now!). My favorite players from collection have to be Barberry and Plum, hands down. 

BITE Beauty | Coming July '15 ($24 for lipsticks, $22 for lipgloss)
Find them at: Sephora + Sephora.com
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Sunday, June 28, 2015

BoxyCharm | May Box - Bold & Beautiful

XO, Noelle Sunday, June 28, 2015
It has been a long time since I've reviewed a subscription box so I'm SO happy to announce that they're back for a little bit with BoxyCharm! I know this is going up a little late but better late than never! I promise the June box will be up ASAP.

BoxyCharm is a beauty subscription that comes to your doorstep every month with 4-5 full size luxury items for $21 a month. While that might sound a little more expensive than other subscription services, consider that you're getting guaranteed four full size products every month while compared to Ipsy where it's only $10 but they're usually smaller samples. The promise of full sized products alone totally got me hooked on it!

Let's check out May's box!

Lauren B. Beauty Nail Polish in #imjuicing ($18) - Can we talk about how freakin' cute that name is? Now I want a smoothie. In all serious though. This color is IN-SANE. I know I read that a lot of girls weren't happy with the color but I'm in love. It's totally something I would rock. "Like kiwi sloshed with apples, this slick little shade is delicious and bright." That describes it perfectly!

The Lip Bar Lipstick in Kiss Me ($20) - This. Packaging. Is. EVERYTHING! Can all lipsticks come like this? Kiss Me is a stunning neon coral. Unfortunately, I didn't get to play with it much besides a quick swatch on the arm because it fell out onto the floor and smushed. So bummed. I tried to salvage it and put it back in the tube but it fell out again and that was the end of that. 

This lipstick contains Vitamin E, shea butter and avocado oil to moisturize and soften your lips.

Model Co. Bronzer Shimmer ($22) - YASSSS! Love, love, love this! It's a great bronzer for summer. Pigmented and finely milled, I feel like this is just perfection. It does have shimmer which I know makes or breaks it for some but I feel like it's subtle. This picture does however lighten and saturate the true color. It's a bit brighter but not orange.

Bodyography Essential Brow Trio + Brow Brush ($19 each) - I was excited to see a brow powder trio in this box (plus a brush!?). The colors are very pigmented and a little goes a very long way. Using the brow brush, I usually start in the middle and concentrate the majority of the color there and then use the left over on the edges of my brows. I also love that there's a shade for basically everyone.

The Lip Bar Kiss Me, Model Co. Shimmer Bronzer + Bodyography Trio - Swatches

Overall: I'm VERY impressed with this month's BoxyCharm. Did I mention each product is full size? Oh yeah, baby. Everything was something I would use. Minus the mishap with the lipstick, I still find myself using something from the box at least once a week.

BoxyCharm | Shop + $21 a month
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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

#FOTD | Cherry lips, crystal skies. I could show you incredible things.

XO, Noelle Tuesday, June 23, 2015
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I have so many looks saved in my drafts that I decided to start posting some of them (finally)!

What I'm wearing:

  • Foundation: Estee Lauder Doublewear
  • Bronzer, Contour + Blush: Smashbox MasterClass Palette III 
  • Eyes: Lid: ColourPop Girl Crush + Outer V: Smashbox Nocturnal + Inner corner: ColourPop Flux + Girl Crush,
  • Lips: Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Countess

Maybelline Blushed Nudes Palette | Swatches + Review

XO, Noelle Tuesday, June 23, 2015
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Ah, it's so nice to catch up on some blogging. I have been absolutely drooling and DYING to get this post out after I spotted this palette in my Rite Aid Network's box. 

The new Blushed Nudes Palette is the latest in Maybelline's 12 pan palette series. Previous palettes include The Nudes (review) and The Brights. This palette is a bit more softer and feminine than the previous two with shades ranging from pinks to plums to rose gold.

Something I didn't notice on The Nudes Palette was that the shades are placed purposely in the palette to work together as you can see above. That is SO genius and really handy! The quad covers a base for the lid, an all-over lid shade, a transition shade and an outer-v shade. The trio handles everything minus the outer-v and the duo covers just a base and transition shade. Basically, there's a whole lot of options here.

Instead of going through each shade and reviewing them individually, I'll just sum them up all together. They pretty much all performed the same minus a few shining stars I'll get to at the end. The color payoff was just alright although I do think they work the best with a primer/base underneath. The mattes were a bit powdery but had okay color payoff. The metallics, on the other hand, were surprisingly pigmented! The biggest downside, for me, is that they don't have names! Rawr. I hate that. How else am I going to tell people what I'm wearing!? ;)

My favorites are (going from left to right) #'s: 3, 4, 6 and 8.

Lid: #5 | Crease: #4 | Inner: #3 | Outer v: #11 | Lower: #6

Overall: So does this compare to a lot of the rose gold toned palettes out there? Eh. It's hard to tell (and compare). For a drugstore palette, it does well. It works best with a primer or base to really get the colors to pop and wears well. It's really a toss up. If you're looking for a good palette that won't break the bank, I recommend this!

So, will you be grabbing this palette?

Maybelline Blushed Nudes - (price varies) | Found at your local Rite Aid
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Friday, June 19, 2015

Makeup Revolution | I Heart Makeup Lip Lavas in Tremor, Forgiven, Shockwave, Unleash & Firestorm

XO, Noelle Friday, June 19, 2015
Hey cutie pies! I am SO excited (when aren't I?) to share these babies with you. These are the Makeup Revolution "I Heart Makeup" Lip Lavas! What's that? Their packaging looks kind of familiar? That's because it's very reminiscent of the Too Faced Melted Liquified Lipsticks. One would even say a dupe for them? In fact, Makeup Revolution has a whole bunch of dupes/lookalikes for a lot of Too Faced products (as well as some super unique products!). Unfortunately, I don't actually own any of the Melted lipsticks (I admit, I suck) so I can't compare but I can promise some in-depth reviewing so you can decide for yourself. Let's do this thang!

So first things first. Makeup Revolution is from the UK. I know, I know. Shipping, however, does even out with how much you're saving buying those dupes instead of the real thing. *Shrugs* So there's that?

The Lip Lavas come in a squeeze tube with a soft, sponge applicator. The consistency is a little thick but so smooth and easy to work with. I think that's the Vitamin E in it making it all creamy to work with. All of them have incredible pigmentation of a lipstick and the intense shine of a lipgloss. Shockwave and Firestorm are actually even glossier, if that's possible, than the others. What's pretty awesome is that one swipe pretty much covers both lips without having to squeeze more product out! I am so unbelievably impressed with these, guys. For $4.59 each, you really can't go wrong. I was going to pick out my absolute must-have from this group but to be honest, they're all pretty incredible. Wear time is about six hours and the gloss does kind of wear down but I wouldn't say it loses its pigmentation. Also, no scent or taste to report which is kind of weird in a beauty world where everything has a scent. It's kind of refreshing!

  • Forgiven - a brown-toned nude (dupe for Nude?)
  • Unleash - a neon coral tangerine. (dupe for Coral?)
  • Tremor - a bright ballet pink. (dupe for Peony?)
  • Shockwave - a neon lilac. (dupe for Violet?)
  • Firestorm - a bright cherry apple red. (dupe for Ruby?)
Overall: Putting that they may be dupes for the Melted Liquified Lipsticks aside (which is always a win in my book!), these are ah-mazing! I am such a huge fan of them. The consistency, the applicator, the wear time, the colors themselves - just amazing! I highly recommend you guys treating yourselves to these babies!
Makeup Revolution | Shop ($4.59US)
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