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Monday, March 2, 2015

ColourPop Matte Super Shock Eyeshadows - Girl Crush, Hanky Panky,Cop-A-Feel, Bill, Doe-A-Deer & Bill | Review

XO, Noelle Monday, March 2, 2015
Awwwwyus. I'm back again with some more super gorge shadows from probably one of my most favorite companies ever - ColourPop. The day they announced they were making more mattes, I nearly fainted from excitement. Combine my love of ColourPop with my love of a nice, matte finish and the end result is enough to make me go woozy in the knees.

I think my favorite thing about all of these shadows - and really all of ColourPop's shadows whether they're shimmer, satin, whatever - is the unique formula. All of ColourPop's eyeshadows are an almost cream-like, pressed powder. They kind of feel wet to the touch but aren't really? I don't know. I leave the folks at CP to figure out the physics of it (pigment mixed with unicorn tears?).

  • Cop-A-Feel | a cool-toned creamy beige. It's somewhat comparable to MAC Painterly but feels a little lighter when applying and not as opaque on the lid. It's still a great base for another eyeshadow but can also chill by itself for a nice natural look. 
  • Girl Crush | a mid-tone true grey. This shade pulls slightly almost lavender-grey on my skintone. Definitely one of my favorite shades from the mattes that CP offers. I also have to note that the pigmentation was on point without having to layer to build it up.
  • Doe-A-Deer | a blackened violet. I love this shade for a few reasons. For one, the pigmentation is so on point. Secondly, it blends like a badass. I popped just a little in the outer v and it just blended out like butter. Ugh. So pretty.
  • Bill | a muted plum beige. When I first bought these, I thought Girl Crush and Bill were basically the same shade. In the containers, they look similar. Even though this is described as a plum-beige, I would describe it as more of a pinky-beige. Super pretty, smooth and blendable.
  • Effect | a blackened teal. I love a good forest green. They're kind of hard to come by and are usually chalky. This shade is anything but! Silky smooth, pigmented and blends like whoa (do people still say that?)
  • Hanky Panky | a soft, cool-toned taupe. My new favorite crease shadow. It seems a little warmer toned on my skin but I have a hunch it ones of those shades that changes color with different skin tones. Pigmentation and blendability are on point! 
* I recommend applying these eyeshadows with your finger or a flat shader brush for the best results.

Cop-A-Feel as a base and in the inner corner. Bill in the middle of the lid. Girl Crush in the outer v as well as Doe-A-Deer to deepen it. Hanky Panky in the crease. Effect on the bottom as well as Doe-A-Deer blended out.

ColourPop || Shop - $5 each

Thursday, February 26, 2015

ThirdLove Lingerie | Review

XO, Noelle Thursday, February 26, 2015
Awww yeah. Things are about to get sexy up on this blog. Kidding. I mean, right now anything is sexier than a 24/7 five month old nursing bra, amirite? Yeah, my current bra has seen things, man. So when the lovely folks at ThirdLove let me sample some of their goods for the blog, I was allllllll over it. Unfortunately, there will be no pictures of me actually wearing it. I don't think you're ready for this jelly ;)

The Evolve Push-Up
I'm just going to come out and say it: Push up bras are my best friend. Once I hit 18, my boobs got huge, then I lost some weight and they shrunk and then I gained weight and they popped back up again. THEN I got pregnant and started breastfeeding. Needless to say, my boobs could probably use some help sitting up straight if you catch my drift. This bra comes with a front gold (ooh la la!) closure with soft, foam cups to help push them babies up. I think my favorite thing about this bra is that it has convertible straps so you can make it into a halter or even criss-cross it. It's so, so soft. I wear this under a normal t-shirt as well as under a sexy dress. It's amazing and definitely rivals my Victoria Secret bras!

Lace Boyshort (currently on sale!)
Another confession: Thongs are just not my best friend anymore. So I rely on these gorgeous lace boyshorts for sexiness. These boyshorts are probably the prettiest underwear I own. Seriously. For real. You'd think that all that lace would be a little itchy and super uncomfortable, especially when you're constantly bending over and picking up your child but surprisingly they last the whole day without much adjustment. They're surprisingly soft as well and just a little of your cheek is out. They're me-approved as well as fiance-approved ;) These come in a bunch of colors and are currently on sale (originally $27 - on sale for $22!)

Overall: Me likey! I'm one of those girls that loves pretty lingerie but hates being uncomfortable. ThirdLove's bras and boyshorts are the perfect blend of softness and sexiness.

ThirdLoveShop - (Price: $59 & $22)
*Product sent for review. Make contain affiliate links.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

NCLA Love Me, Again Nail Wraps

XO, Noelle Tuesday, February 17, 2015
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Valentine's Day may have come and gone (sup chocolate hangover?) but you can still keep the lovin' going on with your nails with NCLA's Love Me, Again Nail Wraps

Y'all know how much I absolutely LOVE NCLA's nail wraps for a quick, gorgeous nail look without all the hassle (and by hassle I really mean time because who has that with a five month old?). 

Love Me, Again - is a flirty floral print with feminine accents. I absolutely love the mix of a bright pink floral print with stripes and dots as the background. Too freakin' cute!

The collection (as always) comes with 26 ultra-thin adhesives and a cute NCLA nail file. The wrap sizes range from wide to small so they fit just about any nail bed. 


  • Start off with fresh, clean nails and than apply a coat of basecoat (I used NCLA Gloss It!) and let it dry.
  • Find the size that best fits your nail and peel from the sheet by the flap. 
  • Apply the most round part to your cuticle and stretch down until it fits perfectly. I know some are afraid to stretch it because they think it might break, but I promise you it won't. This is the most crucial part to get a nice, flat, flawless nail. 
  • Once you've fit it to your nail, firmly flatten it down starting from the cuticle and pressing your way down to the tip. 
  • Use the nail file in a downward motion to remove any excess wrap left over. Apply another coat of Gloss It! and you're all set! I really like using a coat for Gloss It! over it because it softens the nail wrap (as well as adds a shine to it) so you can go in one last time and press down anything you missed or smooth out any mistakes.

NCLA | Buy - $16
*Product provided for review.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Game Day Snacks | The In-Vince-ible Sub Sandwich + In-Vince-ible Pizza

XO, Noelle Thursday, January 29, 2015
This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #PartyWithBigY #CollectiveBias

Party planning is something I'm still getting the hang of. Now that we have our own place and my fiancĂ© has offered up our new home as the new "party place to be" with the big game day party being our kick off, I feel like I'll be doing a lot of it. The toughest part for me is figuring out how much food to get or make. For the big game day party, we have both my fiancĂ© and I's families coming as well as all of our friends. That's a lot of people to feed! 

Cue: The Big Y!

Right now, they have the In-Vince-ible pizza and In-Vince-ible sub sandwich pre-made right at the pizza and sub shop! They're perfect for feeding large groups without spending a lot of money.
My Big Y's Sandwich Shop
Both the pizza and the sandwich are named after defensive lineman Vince Wilfork! If you're a football fan, I'm sure you know the name. He also recently made headlines for helping a woman out of her overturned vehicle. Talk about a true hero! 

Vince has also teamed up with Big Y's Living Well Eating Smart Wellness Team (along with registered dietitians Carrie Taylor and Andrea Samson) to tackle diabetes. After watching his father battle the disease, Vince has devoted his foundation to finding a cure to diabetes.

As for the food...

The In-Vince-Ible Sub Sandwich starts off on a LaCrosta Italian Bread. Then they layer on a pound (yes, A POUND!) of meat (ham, pepperoni, hard salami and capicola hot ham), provolone cheese and then lettuce, tomatoes, roasted red peppers, onions, banana peppers, mayo and basil pesto. It's INSANELY HUGE and delicious! Feeds about six to ten depending on how you cut it.

The In-Vince-Ible Pizza is made on Big Y's fresh dough and is topped with their signature sauce, ham, pepperoni, hard salami, capicola hot ham and cheese. Then fresh tomatoes, green peppers, roasted red peppers, onions, banana peppers and basil pesto are layered on top. Available by the slice, large 18' or Big Y's huge party size pizza.

Both are delicious and definitely can feed a large party! 

Where would you bring an In-Vince-Ible pizza or sub?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Urban Decay LTD Palette - Swatches & Review

XO, Noelle Wednesday, January 21, 2015
Hi baby dolls! There's nothing worse than falling in love with a palette just to find out that it's not even available, am I right? Not the case with this palette! Urban Decay just announced that they're re-releasing the Urban Decay LTD Palette again on January 25th, exclusively on Ulta.com.

Let's hop into this review by starting with the packaging. ARE. YOU. KIDDING. ME? The case is a neon, acid green with a jeweled "UD" on top. My absolute favorite part of the packaging is the closure (see first picture). You have to push it in to have it pop open. Okay, so it might not wow a lot of people, but it tickles me, guys. I love it.

The palette itself is made up of 20 eyeshadows - 18 exclusive shades and two best sellers - ranging from wham-bam glitter bombs to neutrals. It also comes with a dual-sided brush like the Naked palettes.

  • Nameless - a medium taupe satin. Mmm, talk about applying like butter. Awesome color pay off. This is basically Deeper's cooler-toned cousin. I also noticed a little bit of frostiness in this shade.
  • Backdoor - a cool dark matte brown. To the touch, this shade is smoooooth but unfortunately, applied is a little on the dry side. It's not a total loss though and can be helped by wearing a primer underneath.
  • Deeper - a medium metallic bronze. Sa-woon! Urban Decay knows their way around a metallic. Smooth application and blended so well. Pigmentation was on point!
  • Disco - a pale metallic gold with with iridescent glitter. Okay. The picture does no justice to this color. It's definitely a bit more gold in real life. Unfortunately, the little glitters catch up in the brush and never make it onto your lid. Sadface. The base color itself though is beautiful. Glitter fall out but pigmentation for the base shade was nice.
  • Heat - a bright metallic copper. This baby is the closest thing to a metallic orange without actually being orange. It is so, so beautiful. Pigmentation is A+. Application was smooth as was blending.
  • Crystal - an icy metallic blue shimmer. This shade is all-around light. Light pigmentation and almost thin to the touch. It's workable but a little disappointing. I would've loved to have seen this a bit more pigmented. 
  • Goddess - a deep smokey blue with micro-glitter. I would describe this with more of a blackened navy base and lighter blue shimmer and micro-glitter. Unfortunately, this was a little dry and patchy application-wise. 
  • Vaporize - a medium metallic grey-taupe. This shade is ah-mazing and makes my top five faves from this palette. Super buttery soft, easy to blend and wear time was great at about 8 hours. Love, love, love it!
  • Floss - a deep metallic emerald with micro-glitter. I'd describe it as a blackened base with an emerald shimmer/micro-glitter. A little dry but totally workable and pretty pigmented nonetheless. Blending does fade it a bit so I recommend patting it on, blending, patting, etc. to build opacity.
  • Perversion - a soft matte black. While it was definitely more opaque and pigmented than I thought it would be with one swipe, it still falls a little flat. It fades when blended and is a little on the dry side. You can definitely gain some opacity by building it up but it kind of just falls into that "every other matte black" category.
  • Provocateur - an icy metallic pink with micro-glitter. Unfortunately, the base color outlasts the glitter. There's a lot of glitter that doesn't even make it to the lid due to fall out. If you really want to make this color work, spray some MAC Fix+ on your brush and then apply by patting it on your lid.
  • Hoodoo - a medium metallic violet with pink shift. Hoodoo that voodoo you do? Hahaha, sorry. Super smooth application but a tiny bit on the powdery side. No fall out to report. 
  • Freakshow - a bright purple satin. Now this is what I'm talkin' about! A nice, buttery-soft, bright purple. Pigmentation was on point and lasted about six hours.
  • Junkshow - a bright pink satin. Swatch-wise this was a dream but as soon as it got to the lid, it fell short and wasn't as pigmented. I definitely recommend using a base/primer/white underneath this to really make it pop.
  • Blitz - a bright metallic gold. Urban Decay is KILLIN' IT with the metallics in this palette. The color payoff from this baby is INSANE. I can't say enough good things about this shade.
  • Chase - a soft metallic bronze. Ugh, just amazing! One swipe had me dying over how pigmented it was without a primer underneath. Smooth, pigmented and wear time was over eight hours.
  • Last Sin - a pale champagne shimmer. I love when they include a great highlighter shade!  It's a bit lighter in person that what is swatched above. Teensy bit of fall out but otherwise great shade.
  • Roadstripe - an iridescent white with blue-violet shift. I wanted to love this so bad. The iridescence is there, the picture just doesn't show it. What kind of ruins it for me is that it just falls short opacity-wise. It's a little dry and found it hard to apply on my lid. It did, however, look awesome in the inner corner. So there's that :)
  • Anonymous - a pale peachy cream matte. YAAAAAAS! Velvety, smooth shade with amazing color pay off. A great neutral shade in a sea of brights in this palette.
  • Laced - a soft pink-nude matte. A teensy bit dry but otherwise great crease shade. Fab pigmentation, smooth and application was easy-peasy. 
Lid: Anonymous as a base and then Deeper on top | Crease: Laced | Outer V: Nameless | Inner corner: Chase | Bottom: Junkshow

So what do you think? Will you be buying this palette? Which is your favorite shade?

Available at Ulta on January  25th - $58

Friday, January 16, 2015

DiorShow Iconic OverCurl Mascara - Review

XO, Noelle Friday, January 16, 2015
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I love mascara! I'll just come right out and say it. It's up there with my insane love for eyeshadow palettes and basically anything limited edition (it's a sickness, guys). Mascara to me is like orange soda to Kel. Who loves mascara? I do, I do, I dooo-ooo.

The lovely people at WeMakeBeauty.com were nice enough to send me the DiorShow Iconic OverCurl Mascara to review - my first ever, super high-end mascara! WeMakeBeauty.com sells brand name beauty products at discounted prices ranging from Dior to Sisley to Guerlain and everything in between. Make sure to check out the end of the review for an exclusive promo code for 15% for my readers only! xx

The DiorShow Iconic OverCurl Mascara is a revolutionary mascara with a K-Polymer Formula to combine lengthening, lifting, coating and fixing polymers for some serious va-va-voom on your lashes. The special "c" shaped wand is inspired by a curling iron to create instant volume and curl that lasts. A research study concluded that 111% found increased curl upon makeup application in lash-measurement. That's pretty impressive! So does this mascara withstand the awesome hype? Let's check it out.

The special "c" shaped wand is inspired by a curling iron to create instant volume and curl that lasts.

My first thought when I opened this mascara was that the formula was THICK, guys. I automatically scraped about 1/2 of the product on the wand back into the tube. That being said, the consistency was bit on the drier side and not thin at all. One swipe gave me about all that I was going to get from this. 

A few days ago, I tried to push the limits with how many layers of mascara I could get away with without any funny looks from the fiance and surprisingly, only one layer of this mascara looked the best. Two layers bought me a one-way ticket to Clump City. Three layers made my lashes rival the best spider legs out there. I couldn't even get the wand through my lashes for a successful fourth try. 

It did, however, deliver on what it said it would do. It lifted, it lengthened, it curled. It lasted about eight hours without any significant loss of curl or flaking. Overall, I'm okay with it. I don't think it necessarily wow'd me but it didn't disappoint at the same time. 

Thankfully, with such a big discount off prices, you can buy a whole bunch of mascaras from WeMakeBeauty.com and see which one works for you!

What do you think of the DiorShow Iconic OverCurl Mascara? What's your holy grail mascara?

WeMakeBeautyShop | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest
Use the exclusive code: Noelle2015 for 15% off your order!

*Sent to me from WeMakeBeauty.com but opinions are allllll mine! :)