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Friday, March 30, 2012

Dollish Polish, NerdLacquer, Pretty & Polished and Ninja Polish - Instahaul!

Hi dolls! I love when I get a whole bunch of packages at once :) It makes the day seem like it's Christmas or your birthday (even though you bought everything yourself and knew it was coming)! Today I received my Dollish PolishNinja PolishNerdLacquer and Pretty & Polished polishes! WOOHOO! I won't even bore you with a whole bunch of text about how awesome they all are or how I wish I had about 20 fingers to try all of these on at once. Ahem. Alright. Moving right along...

Zebra print and hot pink combo? A girl after my own heart.


Drop. Your. Sword. 
" Drop. Your. Sword. " - Wesley
"Probably one for my personal top 5 movies of all time, The Princess Bride is a timeless love story, with some pretty brilliant comedy and an endless supply of famous quotes. I had a tough time naming this one as a result & may end up doing an entire collection based on this amazing movie. The palest sky blue, with a deeper blue shimmer and flecks of gold glitter is inspired by Buttercup's wedding gown from her flubbed wedding with Prince Humperdinck."

Urban Camo
"Inspired by Call Of Duty, Modern Warfare, this funky shade is micro fine glitters in black and neon green, accented with medium line green hexagons and larger White hexs with Black squares all in a clear jelly base."
If my boyfriend was a girl, he would totally wear this.

Puttin' On The Ritzzz!
"My #1 favorite comedy, is all thanks to the legendary Mel Brooks. Combine that with the amazing talents of Gene Wilder, Peter Boyle, Madeline Kahn and many more, make this parody of Frankenstein one of a kind. A Black and White glitter polish for one of the best Black and White movies I've ever seen."

Expecto Patronum
"This famous spell from the movie "Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azakaban" which fends off Dementors with a glowing white shield of positive energy when used. This is a milky white with a hint of Green shimmer, has iridescent flakies and varying size Green glitter."

Hip Hop Hippity Hop
"Celebrate the holiday or just the Spring season with this delicious Cool-tone candy pink shade, with a hint of lavender, loaded with hexagons glitters in Spring Green, Light Blue, and Pink. "

GTL"Aka Gym, Tan, Laundry, from the Jersey Shore hilariously funny daily mantra. Light ocean turquoise with varying shades of blue glitters and larger sandy copper glitters, this shade is inspired by the actual Jersey sea coast."
I love this polish so much. The tan glitters remind me of their, well, tans and the turquoise reminds me of those bright-colored Affliction shirts that the guys wear to out. 

Put A Ring On It
"From the Super Divas 4 piece collection, Put A Ring On It, is inspired by Beyonce and is a fine Gold & Silver glitter and is loaded with medium hexagon glitters in Black, Gold and Silver."
UGH. I bought a mini of this thinking, "No, Noelle. You don't need this in full. It's way too crazy for you." I was so, so wrong. It's too crazy in the best way possible. DP needs to open up ASAP. I need this in full.

"Put A Ring On It" over Julep's "Anne"

OVERALL THOUGHTS ON DOLLISH POLISH: WOW. Wow, wow, wow. I love the names, I love the formulas, I love everything about every single polish I've bought so far from Dolly. I'm absolutely blown away. I always read how people would just stare at the polishes in amazement and I used to think they were super weird...until I found Dollish Polish. I just kept staring and staring and staring. Every single glitter mixed expertly with the right color combinations; this is a girl who's awesome at what she does.
Shop: Dollish Polish / Prices: $4 (mini) or $8 (full)

No need to wipe the drool from your face just yet. Feast your eyes on these sweet treats from Pretty & Polished:

Party On My Yacht
This. cool. On your nails, it looks like you took Funfetti frosting and painted with it, but in a totally pretty, not crazy way. Turquoise bars mixed in with purple, pink, yellow and green glitter set in a liquid frosting white base. YUM!

See? Totally looks like frosting. Ignore my slicked-up cuticles. Weather has NOT been kind to them! 

This looks EXACTLY like a Jawbreaker. Couldn't have picked a better name! Red squares, blue hexes, yellow, red and blue glitter, purple micro glitter and green bars all tied together in a creamy white base.

OVERALL THOUGHTS ON PRETTY & POLISHED: Another serious jaw-dropper. My wallet and I are going to have to have a long talk the next time she opens shop.
Shop: Pretty & Polished / Prices: $8.50 (full)

I feel like I've waited a bajillion years for this. It's only been like, a month but still. 

Double Trouble: Carbon Allotrope and Argentum

Argentum has multiple sizes of square and hexagonal silver glitter in a glistening foil-spiked base. Sparkles like pure metal in moonlight. [Ag, 47, 107.8682, transition metal]
AKA. A disco ball in a bottle.

Or maybe a silver sequined dress in a bottle. Check out that sparkle!

Carbon Allotrope is a clear base with medium silver hex glitter, small silver glitter, and silver and white microglitter. No dyes, no micas, no tints. The silver-sand color comes from two sizes of POWDERED. DIAMOND. 
It's synthetic, people, but still, I had to buy it. This bottle was a splurge!

Shimmer, shimmer, shimmer! 

OVERALL THOUGHTS ON NERDLACQUER: So worth the wait. Holy cow. I can't even right now. Do you guys see that glitter and shimmer? For the girls that are distracted by shiny things, this is right up their alley. I am so one of those girls!
Shop: NerdLacquer / Price: $10 - $16

And last, but certainly not least...
"Floam has matte neon blue and yellow-green fine glitter a clear base. It has complete coverage in two to three coats and can be used as a layering polish with one coat. With topcoat or gelous, Floam can have a shiny finish. However, this polish dries with a matte finish, and the glitter itself does not sparkle."

How effin' awesome does this look? Just search "Floam Swatches" and be amazed if the bottle isn't doin' it for ya. It looks EXACTLY like Nickelodeon's Floam. Anyone remember that? No? #90skidproblems
Shop: Ninja Polish or Nailventurous / Price: $9.00

* All descriptions are borrowed from their makers. Who else to better describe them than the people who made 'em? :)
Indie Nail Polish Round Up

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Indie Nail Polish Round Up

My new addiction? Indie nail polish. I'm so hooked. I love the glitter bombs, the polka dots, the bars and hexes, the home-made feel of it; I love it all. My biggest problem? By the time I find their shop and put something in my cart, it's sold out! Seriously. There is about a five minute time frame where you better buy what you want or it won't be there the next time you blink. I've had it, no more searching. NO MORE! I've made up a list of some of my favorite shops with their shop links, FB pages, prices, alternate places to buy and my favorite polishes.

  • Dollish Polish (Etsy) - FB - Price: $8.00. Amazing customer service. Gotta Have: Puttin' On The Ritzzz, Drop. Your. Sword, Expecto Patronum.
  • Lynnderella (llarowe) - Price: $15.00. Unfortunately, very hard to find :( I think every lacquerhead would give their unborn child for one of these babies. Gotta Have: Connect The Dots, Snow Angel, The Glittering Crowd, Very Pretty Vamprie.
  • Lacquistry (Etsy) - FB - Price: $8.75. Another indie with impeccable customer service! Gotta Have: A Friggin' Circus, Devil's Dandruff, Gutter Snow.
  • Nailventurous (Etsy)- FB - Price: 9.00 (via NinjaPolish) This shop sells out fast! Also being sold at NinjaPolishGotta Have: Floam, Pinkerbell, Voodoo Doll.
  • Pretty & Polished (Etsy) - Blog / FB - Price: $4.75 - 8.00. The girl produces instant classics! Gotta Have: Jawbreaker, Party On My Yacht, Bayou Blitz.
  • Dandy Nails (Etsy) - Blog / FB - Price: $8.00. Gotta Have: Inside The Fire, Come Out and Play, You Set My Soul Alight.
  • HazeGlaze (Etsy) - FB - Price: $4.50 - $8.79. One of the fastest shipping indie shops I've dealt with so far! Gotta Have: Angel Flakes, Frozen Ube, Sweet Tart.
  • Pam's Girly Bits (Personal Blog) - FB -  Price: $10.00 - 12.00. Also being sold at Llarowe. Gotta Have: Shift Happens, Razzle Dazzle, Hippity Hop.
  • All That Glitters (Etsy) - FB - Price: $8.00. Gotta Have: Heartbreak City, Hole Hearted, Very Peacock-ish, Spotty Dottie.
  • windestine (Etsy) - Blog - Price: $2.50 - 5.00. Gotta Have: Endangered Blue Loons, Dancing In The Rain.
  • Rainbow Honey (Etsy) - FB - Price: $10.00  Gotta Have: Frozen Flame, Snake Eyes.
PHEW. Talk about doing some research! I checked and tripled-checked to make sure there were no mistakes, but hey, I'm human, so if you spot one, let me know! 

NOTE: Many shops are currently closed :( Bummer, right? That's why I've posted the FB links to most of them, silly :P Like their page on FB and keep up-to-date on shop openings!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Julep's St. Patrick's Day Surprise Box #2 - Pictures & Review

I can't even begin to contain my excitement over my Julep St. Patrick's Day Surprise box #2 so let's just jump right in! Again, I tracked this box all day through the work, secretly preparing myself to be disappointed just in case I got another duplicate of my first box. When I arrived home from work, I ran into my room to find a noticeably larger (and green!) box rather than the small black one I got yesterday. Surprised? Heck yeah! 
OMG. OMG. Make-up bag!? What's inside of it!?

Ahhhhhh! Look at all the polishes and goodies inside! 
Not Shown: make up case the polishes came in, Julep Essential Cuticle Oil (hidden inside the case!)

Julep SPF 30 Hand Cream

Julep Nail Appliques in Rivet

Make-up case the polishes came in. This sucker was heavy! 

L-R: Melissa, Helena, Anne, Sofia

L-R: Julep Fast Dry Topcoat, Blake, Leah

Blake - a soft buttercup yellow. I've been dying for this polish so I'm ecstatic that it was in the box! Clearly, my picture sucks and doesn't show how pretty it really is. 

 Leah - a leafy green with a hidden light green shimmer in it. So I know I'm not a fan of greens, but I can't help but put this polish in my 'keeper' pile. I don't know why. I just think it's different.

Fast Dry Topcoat - I can't wait to try this out and compare it to Seche Vite.

Melissa - Again! This is going in the trade pile. Personally, I don't see myself using it so often to need a double of. I'm just happy I got a better picture of the iridescent-ness in it :)

Julep Pout Popper - I'm not too sure about this. LMAO. It's a little too dark for me. 

Oopsies. I forgot to take a picture of the hand scrub and the cuticle oil. I have the cuticle oil on right now and I love the smell of it! Like citrus-y jasmine or something. 

PS. I have a FaceBook page now: xo, noelle! Like me :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Julep St. Patrick's Day Surprise Box - Pictures & Review

My Julep's St. Patrick's Day Surprise box one (out of two) came in today! I was tracking this baby all day at work today and couldn't wait to come home and see what I got. So let's get started opening up this thing:
May I say that I love how Julep does their packaging? The chocolate coins are such a cute touch.

Let's check this stuff out!

Melissa - a mermaid-esque iridescent milky-clear based polish. I tested this on my thumb nail just to see how it'd look and I can definitely say it's different and something I've never had before. It's basically clear looking straight down at your nail, but when you turn your nail ever-so slightly, it flashes turquoise to green. Pretty sweet!

Age Defying Hand Brightener & Hand Scrub

Julep Basecoat 

Hayden - a bright peachy polish. The picture makes it look a little bit more subdued than it actually is. This is definitely a spring/summer polish! 

Sofia - a sheer lime green polish with gorgeous turquoise micro-glitter sprinkled in. I've also heard that this is glow-in-the-dark!? How freakin' awesome is that? Side Note: You can see Melissa on my thumb! See the light hitting the turquoise? So pretty!

Overall, I'm pretty happy with my box. Granted, it wasn't one of the bigger ones (maybe box two will be!?). The grand total, had I gone to the website and bought this stuff on my own came out to: $130.00! Holy cow! I mean, sure, I'm bummed I have a second Hayden but wow, to get $130 worth of stuff for only $20 sounds like a pretty awesome deal to me :) 
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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Julep Reese - Swatches

Happy St. Patrick's Day, lovelies! May your tummies be filled with corn beef and potatoes and your nails be adorned with green polish! Mine, well, um aren't. Nothing against celebrating St. P's day (which we are!) but more because I really, really wanted to try Julep's Reese! 

I mean, c'mon! Plus, I have yet to find a green polish that doesn't make my hands like like a zombie's. Ahem. Back to Reese, this is two very smooth coats. And might I add, *brushes off shoulders* my nails look cleaned up. Okay, so maybe not perfect but it doesn't look like a two year did them now. *pats self on shoulder* Now, I don't know if it's my camera, but I couldn't show the true coloring of this polish. It's more like the color of Bubble Yum then this light pink the pictures show. Also, this polish makes me look so tan. LMAO. I love when polishes do that. No self-tanner needed ;)

Onto the hauls:
butterLONDON - Knackered, Black Knight & Tart With a Heart ($25 gift card off any $50 purchase from MyGlam Bag!)
Essie - Limo-Scene (also part of the above deal!)
OPI - I Don't Give a Rotterdam & Kiss Me On My Tulips
Pretty and Polished - Party On My Yacht & Jawbreaker
NerdLacquer - Carbon Allotrope & Argentum
Julep - Two St. Patrick's Day surprise boxes (!!!!!!!) 
Lacquistry - Tepes, And Miles To Go Before I Sleep, Devil's Dandruff, Gutter Snow

Okay, okay. Alright. I'll admit it. I am a lacquerheard to the fullest. I don't know why it's suddenly hit me this hard, but I'm perfectly fine with it. I mean, I probably can't do this big of a haul ever again unless I want to be single ;) but I'm sure all of these will hold me off for a while. Or, ahem, until China Glaze's Neon's collection comes out. GULP. 

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