Monday, October 19, 2020

Boo Bags! Have you guys heard of them? With the way things are going with Halloween this year, it looks like we might be trick-or-treating a little differently this year, so I've been looking for fun ways we can still celebrate our favorite holiday! I saw a few bloggers share their versions of a Boo Bag and thought it'd be fun to share mine!


  • Halloween Pajamas - I know we're about ten days away but who doesn't wear Halloween-themed jammies 365 anyway?
  • Halloween Book - We're huge readers so I love incorporating books wherever we can! We love a good Halloween-themed book, but if you're looking for something that maybe isn't all Halloween-in-your-face, we love Triangle by Mac Barnett and Pick A Pumpkin by Patricia Toht!
  • Treats - Candy, chips, apple sauce pouches, etc. We know our boys will be getting some candy from their relatives (we're doing a family trick-or-treating route) so we popped some snacks into the Boo Bag for them. Target has super cute snacks in Halloween-themed packaging like these Veggie Chip Ghosts and Bats, Pirate Booty Boos + Bats, GoGo Squeez Applesauces On-The-Go - just to name a few!
  • Bubbles - We grabbed this pack ($3 for 24!) from Target!
  • Halloween Activity Book
  • Ghost Cup - These are from Target, but I can't find them online. These Rainbow Skull Mason Sipper ($3.98) from Walmart are adorable
  • Stuffed Animal - We're not big stuffed animal people but these were too dang cute to pass up! They're $8 each. We got a unicorn for Sienna, dino for Hunter and sloth for Brody!