Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Boo! Can you even with these little guys?! These little starstruck tassel ghosts were inspired by these $1 bottle of "Full Moon Magic" (stars and circle confetti)! I wanted to make something fun to hang on the kids Boo Baskets and had a bunch of yarn on hand so I went to work creating these super easy tassel ghosts! Follow along below.


  • yarn (if you're looking to make them *extra*, try using two different types of yarn or two different colors)
  • confetti stars for the eyes - you can easily hole punch them out as well if you have a star hole punch
  • a circle hole punch for the mouth
  • hot glue/glue
  • Cut a square of sturdy cardboard out. Size depends on how big you want your yarn ghosts! I cut my square to be about 5.5" for about 5" sized ghosts. 
  • Take your yarn and wrap it around the cardboard square - 15 times if you're using two yarns, 30 if you're using one type of yarn.
  • Take a small piece of yarn (about four inches long) and slide it under the top part of yarn and tie a knot so they won't come undone when you slide them off the cardboard.
  • Snip the yarn loop at the bottom and finger comb out the yarn. You can trim the pieces so they're even but I kind of liked them scraggly and ghost-like! Take another small piece of yarn (about 4 inches long) and tie it around and knot it in the back to make a head. There's no rhyme or reason to how big or small it is. I felt like it kind of naturally made the shape when I wrapped the yarn around to tie it.
  • Grab your hot glue gun (or normal glue works too!) and pop on the eyes and mouth!