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Thursday, May 21, 2015

ColourPop Highlighters in Stole The Show, Wisp, Spoon & Lunch Money | Swatches + Review

Hey kittens! This is the fastest post ever typed because I wanted to share these highlighters with you AND because if you buy them right meow (the promo ends 5/25), you get a free limited edition "Birthday Girl" eyeshadow in honor of ColourPop's 1st birthday! Whoop, whoop, par-tay!

Okay. Onto the highlighters. I had my pale-skinned mamas in mind when I picked out these four shades. Let's be honest, I practiced some serious self-control with these. I have my eye on "Hippo" and "Monster" next! 

(L-R: Stole The Show, Spoon, Lunch Money, Wisp)
(L-R: Lunch Money, Wisp, Spoon, Stole The Show)
Before I get into each highlighter individually, I just want to let y'all know that yes, these do have that unique smooth, almost mousse-like consistency like the Super Shock Cheeks and eyeshadows. The only "issue" I have with these is that they don't "set" like the blushes or shadows. Kind of weird to explain. It's almost like they just sit on top of the skin, instead of really attaching to it. Ugh. Hope that makes sense to you guys. Besides that, they're amazingggg and I suggest you go out and buy every single one. Just sayin'. I feel that because of this formula, all the highlighters are extremely opaque and gorgeous.

  • Lunch Money - a soft light gold with reflective golden duochrome finish. Ooooh, girl. Sa-woon! 
  • Wisp - a golden champagne with reflective golden duochrome hues. At first, I was so, so disappointed in this shade on pale skin. As you can see in the above swatch, it's definitely darker than the rest and I didn't think it would work - but it does! By some magic, it seems to look way better and lighter on the face then on my paper-white arm. I also heard that this is a 100% dupe for BECCA's Opal Highlighter.
  • Spoon - a light silver champagne with multi-dimensional silver flecks. I'm not a huge fan of glitter in my highlighter but this wins my whole entire life even with the flecks. 
  • Stole The Show - a light cool-toned gold with luminous flashes of pink, silver and gold. I mean, c'mon. Probably my favorite of the bunch. How gorgeous is this? This one is perfect if you are very fair but it also works for I would say up to lightly tanned skin. Anything darker, I think this might come across a little frosty.
ColourPop Shop ($8)


theBalm Nude Dude Vol.2 Palette, Read My Lips Lipglosses, Mary-Lou Manizer & Frat Boy Blush | Swatches + Review

Hello my little babes. theBalm always holds a special place in my heart. For one, they made the Mary-Lou Manizer and I will be forever grateful for that. Secondly, they have some really cute tongue-in-cheek-packaged palettes (I see you Nude Dude Palettes - meowwwww!) and lastly, I mean, the packaging in general, y'all. It's got a fun vintage feel that I'm in love with. I have a few (see what I did there?) products to review so let's get to it and check 'em out.

Nude Dude Vol. 2 Palette ($36) - This palette is the latest addition to the nude series but with 12 triple-milled shades ranging from shimmer to satin to matte, this palette is anything but. While it has six shades that fall into the typical nude category, the remaining six really make this a fun palette with a little somethin' somethin' for everyone. It has all the makes for a natural eye and a smokey eye, all in one. Along with the palette, it comes with a dual-ended brush and a large mirror inside (yes!). What I really love is that you can add water to these shadows to either make them more pigmented or even use as a liner!

(Lid: Fearless | Inner Corner: Fabulous | Outer V: Fine | Crease: Flawless | Lower Lid: Fit & Friendly)

Mary-Lou Manizer ($20) - The fan favorite! If you haven't met Mary-Lou yet, let me introduce you to this bish! She's about to be your new ride-or-die. Mary-Lou is a beautiful, finely-milled, soft champagne highlight that plays with the light around you to reflect off of and give you a natural glow. The only con to this highlighter is that it plays camera-shy but in person, looks absolutely stunning on just about any skintone.

Frat Boy Blush ($20) - Oooh girl. Package up the natural flush you get when that cute guy/girl looks your way and that is Frat Boy! I would describe it as a light pinky-peach and amazing! Soft, opaque and subtle but can be built up to be more bold.

Mary Lou-Manizer | Frat Boy Blush

(Cheeks: Mary Lou-Manizer + Frat Boy Blush)

Read My Lips Lipglosses ($15) - These lipglosses are fortified with Ginseng for "stimulation". They also come in 11 different shades ranging from opaque to shimmer.
  • Bam! - a dusty peony gloss. Definitely the most opaque of the three glosses I got to try out. The color is so pretty and flattering. It definitely had the slickness of a gloss but without the stickiness of one. I was surprised by how opaque the gloss was as well. Wear time was about three hours.
  • Zaap! - a shimmery pink-tinted gloss. I would describe this one as the "glossiest" of the bunch. Very lightly opaque, giving just a hint of color but packed with shimmer.
  • Snap! - a nude beige gloss. Um, yeah, hi. My absolute favorite of the bunch! So on trend with the brown-undertoned beige shade everyone is rockin'. Super opaque for a gloss. Only downside was I noticed it gathered in the lines of my lips after about an hour. Whomp, whomp.
theBalm | Shop
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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

#SaveTheUndies | How To Become An #UnderwearWarrior

Thank you to U by Kotex for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to become an #UnderWarrior and stay confident!

I think it's pretty safe to say your period comes at the most inopportune time, am I right? I swear it's part of Newton's Laws somewhere. "When one wears light colors, one will automatically get her period."

Over time, we've probably accumulated what we all like to call "that underwear". You know the ones I'm talking about. The victims of untimely periods that are now saved in preparation for that special block of time we think that our period is coming around. And don't even get me started on the underwear we wear after we get our periods to sleep in. Girlllll, I wouldn't even think about white sheets.

Thanks to U by Kotex 3D Ultra Thin Capture Core Pads, we can rock white pajamas, nice underwear and sleep on white sheets! The one-of-a-kind center locks away any wetness to stop those annoying leaks. The All Nighter ones come with the capture core as well as easy open wrappers (Thank God!), ultra thin padding that is unscented and free of any fragrance and has a unique shape to deter bunching.

Join myself and U by Kotex to help #SaveTheUndies and become an #UnderwearWarrior by clicking here (or on the picture below!) for a free sample of their pads or tampons (your choice!) - no strings attached! 

Image Map

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

T3 Twirl 360 Motion-Sensing, Auto-Rotating 1.25” Curling Iron - Review

Hi chickies! So. one of my favorite ways to wear my hair now that it's short is in a fun, messy, beachy-curl style. Unfortunately, with a teething eight month old, the time it takes to curl my hair is way too long in his book and I usually walk out with a weird half curl, half straight look that is totally in right now. I almost wish. 

I'm always on the look out for tools to cut my getting ready time in half and I think I've found one. Enter the T3 Twirl 360 Motion-Sensing, Auto-Rotating Curling Iron which does all the work for me with the push of a button!

The T3 Twirl 360 Motion-Sensing, Auto-Rotating Curling Iron is a tourmaline and ceramic 1.25" barrel which is perfect for creating big curls and nice waves. It uses "T3 Gyroscopic Technology" to sense when your wrist moves and automatically rotates to curl your hair. It also uses "Digital Single Pass Technology" to measure and adjust the temperature for consistency across the entire barrel.

So first things first, let's turn this baby on! Just click the long power button above quickly for a lower setting or longer for a higher setting and the dots above will light up. Guys, it looks pretty futuristic, not going to lie. Or I'm just easily impressed. Either or.

The iron heats up FAST so be careful. There are five heat settings up to 410°F but I was pretty content with the default setting that it comes on. Once you're ready (I recommend always spraying your hair with a heat protectant first), insert about 1" to 1.5" of hair into the clamp and then hit the button pictured above and turn your wrist to start the rotation whichever way you want to curl it. I usually curl away from my face and alternate curl directions for the rest of my head.

I hold it for about 15 seconds and then release it from the clamp and let go of the button. I then catch the curl in my other hand and hold it up to my head to cool it down. My hands are what I like to call "seasoned" so please, be careful and use gloves if you're just trying this method out for the first time. Repeat all around the head and hair spray. I like loose curls so I finger comb through all of them so they're not as tight. * Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures of the process. The bathroom lighting is horrible (as you'll see below).

I was SO impressed with this curling iron. To be honest, anything that can cut my curling time in half is impressive! It held my curls for the day and looked even better the next. Thumbs up from this mama!

Before | After

What's your favorite hairstyle for summer?
Shop - $230
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Murad Shade America Sun Safety Set

Hey little babes! With summer approaching fast (wait - where's spring?), protection against the sun is definitely on my mind. Sunscreen is something you should typically always wear when you're outside, but to be quite honest, you probably won't find me outside very often unless there's warm weather. #truth

Murad has come out with their Shade American Sun Safety Kit ($68) to cover my back (literally) and answer all my sunscreen prayers! This safety kit comes with Murad's bestselling SPF 30 moisturizer and their top sun-damage and radiance-restoration treatment in a super cute exclusive cosmetic bag (not shown). The inside features an original painting by Dr. Murad that has been reproduced on fabric and printed inside the bag. Murad will be donating $125,000 to the American Academy of Dermatology to build shade structures across America, through the sales of this set.

Advanced Active Radiance Serum - Boosts radiance and reverses visible signs of environmental damage. Use after cleansing and toning, 

Essential-C Day Moisture SPF 30 - Provides powerful protection against environmental damage. Massage all over your face and neck evenly. 

What do you use to protect your skin against the sun?
MURAD - Shop | FB | Instagram
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Friday, May 8, 2015

ColourPop Pastel Punch Lippie Stix in Westie, Fern, Pepper, Tootsi,Monkey & Julep | Swatches & Review

Hey gorgeous boobahlahs! Ok, so I have to admit, every single time I look at these pictures, I feel all warm inside because they're so fun. Yeah, I'm a little weird. Since this post has been sitting in my drafts (waiting for good natural light for perfect lip swatches takes fo' ever!), ColourPop has come out with a summer line - le drool! Until I save up and grab those, let's check out these swatches and a review of the lippie stix from their Spring 2015 "Pastel Punch" line!

(L-R: Tootsi, Westie, Monkey, Pepper, Fern & Julep)
  • Tootsi (matte) - a cool toned greige. I think it's safe to say this shade has taken the beauty world by storm. Tootsi has a bit more pink-undertones so it's easier to wear than others out there right now without making you look like a corpse. Very 90's grunge and very unlike your typical "spring shades" but I love it. Just about every skintone can rock this. Formula was very smooth and creamy but with a matte finish.
  • Westie (matte) - a soft dusty pink. Guys. I'm so, so happy with this lippie. I've been on the look for the most perfect pink for a pale skintone and I think I've finally found it! Westie is a beautiful pink that goes on creamy and even and has a matte finish. 
  • Monkey (hyper glossy) - a mid-tone bright bubblegum pink. The first thing that popped into my mind when I tried this on was that it was a dupe for Anastasia's Beverly Hills "Milkshake" Matte Lipstick except in a hyper-glossy finish, of course. Unfortunately, I don't own Milkshake so I can't be for sure but comparing swatches makes me think they might be a match - color wise. I love the hyper-glossy formula because it goes on creamy like the rest of the lippie stix but has such a gorgeous high shine without it being annoying and sticky.
  • Pepper (matte) - a pastel pinky lilac. Swoon! Need I say more? Super creamy, super pigmented and opaque. Another color that would look pretty amaze on just about anyone!
  • Fern (cream) - a cool toned violet. Okay. So I'm not sure how to explain the "cream" formula. It's almost a semi-glossy finish (?) and goes on oh, so creamy and smooth. After about an hour or two of wear, it started to gather in my lip lines but wasn't too noticeable. I recommend applying, blotting and then applying again for a longer wear time.
  • Julep (cream) - a bright red coral. HAI. FAVE SHADE! Oh my goodness! I'm so into bright corals right now and this is perfection. Same "cream" formula as Fern. I did run into the same issue with wear time but again with the blotting trick, I feel like it'll prolong the wear time.
Which is your fave?

ColourPop | Shop ($5 each)

Thursday, May 7, 2015

$130 (Sephora or Ulta GC) Mother's Day Giveaway!

I'm getting this up SO late (my BIGGEST apologies!) but myself with the lovely ladies of The Beauty & Fashion Blog Community and The Beauty Blogazon's want to you to #treatyoself (or your mama!) for Mother's Day!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck! xx
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Monday, May 4, 2015

Memories with Mama | Mother's Day with + Giveaway!

Hey babes! Mother's Day is this Sunday, May 10 (don't forget to pamper your mama!). I'm so excited because this year is a little different: It will be my first year celebrating it as a mom myself!

As I currently type this, I have my son climbing up my leg and reflect on these past 8 months, I can say is that I've only just got a glimpse of what being a mother is really all about. So before I get into this post just wanted to take the time out to say a huge thank you to my mom and good Lord, I am so, so sorry for all those sleepless nights. Payback is cruel!

My mom is my best friend, guys. She's always encouraged me to follow my dreams, no matter how crazy they are. She's my support team, my shoulder to cry on, my shopping partner and my confidant. It kills me to think that when I was younger, my mom and I weren't so close (I was more into bartending/staying out late) and I'm working hard to catch up on all those missed times.

One of my favorite memories when I was little was going through her jewelry boxes. I'm sure she really loved me dumping out all of stuff onto her bed but she let me anyway. Lariat necklaces are her favorite and I used to go through them and untangle them (one of my fave pastimes - I know, I'm weird). I'd try on her rings and bracelets and ooh and aah over the velvet boxes that they came in.

Recently, the amazing people at contacted me with the opportunity to pick out a gorgeous ring for myself, my mom and my readers (stay tuned to the end!) in celebration of Mother's Day and it instantly brought me back to those jewelry dress up days when I was younger with my mom. When you were younger, did you try on your mom's jewelry too? has an amazing selection for Mother's Day from rings to necklaces to make-your-own options. They're also currently running a "Your Mom is A Gem Giveaway" on their site for a $500 shopping spree on here so make sure to enter that as well as my giveaway below!

I had my mom choose which ring we'd all get and I love that she surprised me with her reason behind her choice. She chose the Oval Manchurian Peridot ring because it's my birthstone! How amazing is my mom?

There's no better way to celebrate Mother's Day than with a giveaway! YAAAAY!

 We want to give you an oval Manchurian Peridot ring too! 

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