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Thursday, July 30, 2015

ColourPop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks | Vice, Midi, Trap, Shimmy & 1st Base - Swatches + Review

Hey little mamas (and papas)! It has been a super cray cray week here and it's just begun. Hunter has hand, foot and mouth and a huge case of the "all I want is my mommy" (rightfully so) so needless to say I've been cashing in on the snuggles because they won't last long. Heavy sobs. 

Anyway. This post is alllll about the "nude" lipsticks from the ColourPop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks line. I've been testing these babies for quite a few weeks now. I really wanted to give you guys a full, honest review so you know exactly what you're buying come their next restock in August they're available NOW

Let's get into the nitty gritty of the formula which I know has a lot of people on the fence. These are ultra matte liquid lipsticks, ladies and gents. Emphasis on ultra matte. I don't know of any liquid matte that doesn't settle or somewhat dry your lips out after a while. I do feel like it performs on the same field as some of the best liquid matte lipsticks out there - but WAY cheaper. 

That being said, ColourPop DOES have a uniqueness to this formula. When applied, it goes on like nothing and is really light and cushion-y. For the first few hours, it feels like absolutely nothing is on your lips. Then, getting into the five hour range, they do feel a little dry (the dryness ranges from uncomfy to meh depending on the shade) and sometimes crumbly. I also wanted to note that this lipstick contains 0.11oz of product for $6 compared to Anastasia Beverly Hills and Stila that contain the same amount for $18+.

Onto the "nudes" of the collection! 

  • Vice - a pale, warm nude. FINALLY. It's light but it's the perfect nude for my pale boobalas. I love, love, love this shade. It has just the right warmth to it so it doesn't give you what I lovingly like to call "corpse lips" but also doesn't pull orange. It's just perfect for my pale mamas and papas. Coordinating lip pencil: Skimpy.
  • Midi - a soft, neutral beige. Probably one of my top favorites of this whole entire collection. It's like my lips but better. I wore this to a wedding last weekend, it stayed put through drinking, eating and partying the night away. Who am I kidding? I sat at our table and people-watched the whole night ;) Coordinating lip pencil: Skimpy or BFF2
  • Trap - a dusty greige. I feel like this shade is usually really hard to wear. Either it's too brown, too grey and it ends up looking weird. Trap, on the other hand, has the perfect amount of grey/beige/purple that it actually looks flattering on most skintones. High five! Coordinating lip pencil: Tootsi 
  • Shimmy - a pale, pastel baby pink. How perfect is this pink? It's the best ballet slipper pink I've come across. It pulls a little blue-toned which is great because it makes your teeth look white. Win/win all around. Coordinating lip pencil: Westie
  • 1st Base - a true, mid-toned pink. I would describe 1st Base as being slightly warm than just your typical mid-toned pink but it's still absolute perfection. Super smooth and flattering. Coordinating lip pencil: Fetch
ColourPop | Shop ($6)


#MothersPromise | Pampers Premier Care Diapers - Review

* This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks / Pampers.

I can't believe in just a few weeks, Hunter will be 11 months old. Time has flown by! With that time under our belts, I think it's safe to say: we know diapers. We've had our fair share figuring out which ones worked for him (and us!). We needed a diaper that fit our son comfortably, would work for overnights, wouldn't leak and could hold up to the most insane explosions (I guarantee you it will happen at the most inopportune EVER!)

Although we've tried almost every single diaper brand on the block, Pampers has been our go-to, holy grail, favorite diaper ever! From swaddlers to crawlers, the diapers have grown with Hunter to always provide a comfortable, safe and leak-free fit.

Recently, we were given the chance to try out Pampers new Premier Care Diaper line and naturally, we were all over it! But how do they hold up compared to our normal diapers? Let's check it out!

First off, let me assure you these diapers were put to the test these past few weeks! Besides normal day-to-day use, Hunter unfortunately had Coxsakie all last week and really tested these diapers out, if you catch my drift. I'm happy to report that even though the explosions were, er, explosive, there were no casualties. In fact, there was absolutely no leaking whatsoever. Pretty impressive, if you ask me!

So what makes these diapers different from others? For one, they're softer and seem to hug Hunter's cute little tush a little better. They have breathable material to keep air circulating around the baby's skin. Besides being hypoallergenic, they have extra absorb panels and an absorb-away liner to keep the wetness/mess away from the baby. Lastly, they have that handy-dandy wetness detector line that goes from yellow to blue when it's wet. 

You can find Pampers Premier Care Diapers at your local Walmart
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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

FOREO LUNA Skincare Device | Review

* Sent from Ifabbo / #LUNAbyFOREO

Hi loves! Today I'm bringing you a review of the FOREO LUNA Skincare Device (for sensitive/normal skin)! Skincare is something that has become incredibly important to me since I've gotten older. I truly believe that your makeup will look fabulous when you take care of the canvas (aka your skin) underneath. So let's check this baby out!

The FOREO LUNA Skincare Device comes in three different model for different skin types: pink for sensitive/normal skin, blue for combo skin and white for ultra-sensitive. The differences for each model include different sized cleaning brush surfaces to accommodate that skin type. Each comes with the FOREO LUNA itself, a charger, a manual and authenticity card. A huge plus is that you don't have to buy any replacement heads - like, ever. YES!

I chose the sensitive/normal skin. For the most part, my skin is just normal with some sensitive areas around the t-zone and chin that can breakout easily. 

So right off the bat, let's talk about the T-Sonic Technology. With up to 8,000 pulsations per minute, this baby gentle removes dead skin cells and unclogs dirt, oil and makeup residue from your pores. The silicone, for the most part, is soft and non-abrasive. That being said, even though this says to be to be used day and night on the box, I really only recommend using this once a day to once every other day until you really know how your skin will react to being used twice a day. Honestly, I feel that you don't really even need to use it twice a day and using it once to once every other (preferably at night) works just as well. 

Another note is that the silicone brush itself is nonporous so you don't ever have to worry about nasty bacteria buildup which makes it 35x more hygienic than others in its category. The LUNA is also waterproof, lasts about 450 uses per full charge (I'm not up to that yet so I'll have to take the info on the site's word for that one) and like I said before, needs no replacement heads.

Lastly, flip the LUNA over to the other side and you'll find the Anti-Aging Mode. This side has lower frequency pulses directed through silicone waves onto wrinkle-prone areas to smooth them out. While my laugh lines and subtle crows feet aren't gone, I do feel that the areas are slightly firmer and are "smoothed out" somewhat. I'll have to update in a few months and let y'all know how that's going.

How I use it:
I've been using this every night with great results. First off, I start off by removing my makeup and applying my favorite cleanser (currently it's the Biore Charcoal Cleanser). Then taking the LUNA on the silicone cleansing brush side, wet, I apply it to my face for about 15 seconds using it in small areas until I have covered my entire face. Then I rinse my face. Next, I turn the LUNA over to the anti-aging waves and apply this to any areas I have wrinkles (around my mouth, temple area, forehead) for about 12 seconds (the pulsations stop every 12 seconds so no worries if you lose count!). Then I apply my favorite moisturizer and off I go!

Shop | Buy ($199) 
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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

#FOTD | Summer Sunset

What I'm wearing:

  • Foundation - Estee Lauder Doublewear
  • Bronzer - Vita Liberata Trystal Bronzing Powder
  • Eyes - Base: MAC Painterly + Liner: LORAC Mega Pro Palette Shades Apricot and Mulberry
  • Lips - Kat Von D Everlasting Lipstick in Bachelorette

Saturday, July 11, 2015

BoxyCharm | June - Sea La Vie

Hi lovers! I'm back with another month of BoxyCharm - a beauty subscription box that promises 4-5 full size products for $21 a month. Last month's box was amazing so I had similar high hopes for this box! Let's see what was inside.

"Sea life's beauty! Charmers, sail away with us as we take time to coast the open waters for adventure. Don't get tidedown, let the sea set you free just as life should be!"

First in the box is this 20% off to MaLi Beads with a purchase of $50 or more. All of the bracelets are around $30-50 so you'd have to get at least two bracelets to use this deal. The bracelets are super fun and summer-y. I personally love this one!

NCLA Nudes Nail Lacquer in Volume IV ($16) - It's safe to say I'm a pretty huge fan of NCLA. I've reviewed and rocked a ton of their products. Unfortunately, I wasn't as big of a fan of this as I was the others. Right off the bat, I noticed my brush was SO wonky. There were bristles sticking out all over the place. (Note: Just found this tutorial and will try it out!) The consistency was a little on the thick side but was fine otherwise. Volume IV is a gorgeous sandy mauve hue that was the perfect nude for me without washing me out. Love the color!

Doucce Click Click Lipstick in 803 ($24) - Hello gorgeous! Any lipstick that has a clicky button like the pencils in school is awesome in my book. Also, my son loves playing with this. Besides those two facts, the color is gorgeous! 803 is a pretty dusty rose packed with a lot of shimmer!

Wearing Doucce Click Click Lipstick in 803

Eslor Chlorophyll Lifting Mask ($38) - I wish I took a picture of the inside of this. Guys, it's bright green. Think Ghost Buster's Ectoplasm bright green. So freakin' cool. The mask itself is made of milk proteins, plant extracts, seaweed extracts and minerals to tighten the skin, enhance blood circulation and diminish fine lines. I apply this on a dry face and leave on for about 5 minutes. Once it's dry, I rinse with warm water and then go on with my normal face routine.

The Beauty Crop Lightening Crew Highlighting Cream ($16) - All the yes because your girl is super into highlighters right now (who isn't?). This baby is oil-free and lightweight. It's packed with Vitamin C, pineapple and green tea. I use this highlighter on my brow bone, cupids bow, inner corner of my eye and cheek bones.

Bellapierre Cosmetics Kabuki Brush ($29.99) - Last but not least, we have this super, soft kabuki brush. This is Bellapierre's best-selling kabuki brush! It is 100% synthetic and really applies the product evenly. I love using this brush for my bronzer!

Overall: Thumbs up! I'm really into this monthly subscription. With some of the others I've reviewed, a lot of months are hit-and-misses but so far, BoxyCharm has knocked it out of the ballpark two months in a row! It's always nice to know that you're guaranteed at the very minimum 4-5 full size products. What were your favorites from this box?

BoxyCharm | $21 a month (Buy)
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Monday, July 6, 2015

BITE Beauty Fall 2015 Frozen Berries/Opal Crème Collections | Layered

Hi loves! So I received a lot of requests to see the BITE Beauty Fall '15 Opal Crème lipstick and gloss layered over the Frozen Berries Collection. In case there was any confusion, you can rock the Opal Crème lipstick and gloss by itself or over your favorite shade. Personally, I like them as a top coat but hey, you be the judge! To see the original reviews for both collections, click here!

When worn by themselves, they might not be for everyone but as toppers, both the Opal Creme lipstick and gloss are gorgeous and add insane dimension to any shade worn underneath! The only ones who didn't want to play nice with each other were Eldeberry with the Opal Creme lipgloss. Total mess! The photo above was take three and it still didn't play very nice. The gloss caused the lipstick to move and slide all over the place creating bald spots in some areas. I highly recommend applying Eldeberry, then blot with a a paper towel, apply Elderberry again and wait to let it set. THEN apply the lipgloss.

These are launching tomorrow at your local Sephora +! 
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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

BITE Beauty Fall 2015 Frozen Berries/Opal Crème Collections - Swatches + Review

It may be the middle of summer - but really there's no way better to cool down than with a sneak peek of BITE Beauty Fall '15 Frozen Berries/Opal Crème Collections coming out in July! 

The Frozen Berries Collection is five limited edition matte creme lipsticks inspired by "the depth and luster of flash frozen wild berries". They're infused with Blueberry and Cranberry seed oils that are rich in phytonutrients and help nourish and moisturize your lips as well as organic fruit butters to promise a creamy, long-lasting, never drying matte color.
  • Juniper - a matte dark fuchsia.
  • Elderberry - a matte dusty cool-toned burgundy.
  • Barberry - a stunning matte cool-toned dusty mix of mauve and lilac.
  • Plum - a matte rich reddish plum.
  • Black Cherry - a matte deep brown-toned blood red.

(L-R: Barberry, Juniper, Plum, Black Cherry + Elderberry)
Swoon, swoon, swoon! These have me dreaming of crisp nights and warm sweaters. Can fall hurry up and get here? I kid. Kind of. The entire collection is basically everything I could ever want in a fall-based matte lipstick collection. The formula is out of this world. They're so creamy. Each one just glides over your lip, camouflaging all of your lip lines. The pigmentation from these babies is out. of. this. world. Seriously. They're so packed with pigment, it blows my mind. Lastly, they're long-lasting. Each one hitting the five hour mark (and possibly beyond!). Honestly, I only got to about five hours with each because I wanted to get this collection out to y'all fast but I can promise at the five hour mark, these babes were still going strong. I do have to point out that Elderberry did move a bit for me. It's that creamy that it kind of slips and slides over the lips a bit but I kind of feel that that happens more frequently with super dark shades like that anyway. Elderberry was the only one I had this issue with. It really didn't bother me much but I will note that it did happen.

The Opal Crème Collection is a lipgloss and lipstick with insane multidimensional facets to them. The lipstick can be worn on its own for a frosty, iridescent look or on top of another shade for an ultraviolet look. The lipgloss can also be worn on its own for a super slick but subtle iridescent oil spill effect or over another shade to add some dimension to it.

(Excuse the pink lips in the gloss photo. This was after swatching all the lipsticks!)
Doesn't that Opal lipstick scream Ice Queen to you? Love it! The Opal lipstick was fun to wear but boy did it ever settle in my lip cracks. Even ones I didn't know I had! It wasn't drying and had somewhat of the same formula as the Frozen Berries but it didn't end up applying the same. Bummer! The gloss is gorgeous but was slightly thick and sticky. Hopefully my stained pink lips give you a sense of what it looks like over pigmented lips/a different shade. I would say the transformation was subtle but very wearable.

Overall: YES YES YES. The Frozen Berries Collection is EVERYTHANG for fall and I can see myself pulling these babies out over and over again (and heck, even now!). My favorite players from collection have to be Barberry and Plum, hands down. 

BITE Beauty | Coming July '15 ($24 for lipsticks, $22 for lipgloss)
Find them at: Sephora +
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